Wednesday 2 September 2020

Leftism's Epic Fail......................from Rico

Apart from their lack of self-awareness and/or irony, the Left [read: Democrat's] cannot 'see'  what their subjects see.
- Democrats and their Leftist policies have turned the urban centers under their control into major disasters.
Failed cities, failed states. Democide. The very people who voted these ass clowns into office are fed up, disgusted, and disillusioned.
- New Yorkers and others are voting with their feet to ESCAPE as fast as they can, if they can [read: leaving]. 
How many of these refugee's trying to escape the endless Democrat bullshit are likely to vote for Dem's this year?
- How many of the five million plus new gun owners YTD will be voting Democrat?
This is something that scares the Democrats more than anything else:
- People have figured-out their con game.

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B.C. said...

As I've been saying for years, these assmonkeys who move out of the Communist-controlled shitholes will, invariably, continue to vote for the same Communist-lite shitheads that ruined the shitholes. They are the original Crisis Virus and the only way that the infection is ever going to be cured is with a massive injection of Pb or similarly-lethal metallic substances.