Tuesday 27 October 2020

Cult Covidian...................from Rico

Remember last March when the lock-down was 'only' for three weeks to "flatten the curve?"

- Take a look around today and medically useless masks are largely 'compulsory' and NOT everything has opened back up.




Which is the greatest danger to humanity?*

- The leaders of the Cult Covidian or the followers?


I submit that an imaginary virus is less of a danger than (a) coercive government and covid cult 'leaders' who purposely have short-circuited critical thinking, and (b) a large population of gullible 'submissives' who unthinkingly accept and embrace coercive government in a sad sado-masochistic way?


Whichever it is, this entire charade has been fear porn, and the ONLY thing that has been "flattened"  was critical and independent thought.


*Cult Covidian: A deeply 'felt' psychotic totalitarian narrative completely removed from reality and fact that is evocative of the former Soviet Union.


Cheeze Man said...

Well said.. Sad,sad,sad...despair

Anonymous said...

Stop saying that face masks are useless! Masks work to stop the airborne spread of germs. Have you never realized that doctors and other medical personnel wear face masks while performing surgery and other medical procedures? And they wear those masks because they DO work!

If EVERYONE had properly worn a mask in public when covid first hit, it would have stopped spreading by now. But no, since some idiots refuse to wear masks, they keep spreading it around.

Rusty W