Monday 18 January 2021

It's just a 'hunch'.....................from Rico

 ...but it IS based on how the Left-minded seem to operate.


Is the table being 'set' with the militarization of DC for the Bad Actors [FBI-Antifa-Left] to launch their (probably already planned and prepared) FALSE FLAG which will 'justify' a national gun confiscation?

- The current DC lock-down is being 'sold' as defending us from an imaginary threat (much as Covid lock-downs & masks were 'sold' to a gullible public as protection from that imaginary threat).


IF, indeed, America has fallen to the radical Leftists [read: Marxists-Democrats-Globalists] it will in very short order become a totalitarian police state.

- Conservative opinion, or any dissenting opinion, will be classified as terrorism.

- There will NEVER be a legitimate election again

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