Sunday 10 January 2021

KAMALA HARRIS - THE VP ELECT - DID YOU KNOW?.............from Rico

 Yes, THIS is exactly why Kamalatoe was 'selected' and paired with Joe BlowMe.

- She will be the CCP's ruler over it's newly acquired vassal state...the former USA.

- Together they & Co. will first turn America into a one-party state like Commiefornia. Once that is done, we'll head for full-Venezuelan and all going full-Marxist entails.


Our political class (Dem's [C] and RINO's [D]) have literally sold a once free nation into Communist slavery for a shit-ton of Communist money for themselves.

- It's now obvious that they can 'rig' elections to 'elect themselves' and the rest of us are serfs.peasants to be ruled by such as they (in THEIR opinion, but bear in mind...they have NEVER been right about anything yet).


THIS time I am NOT "embracing the suck"...

CVFC: Kamala Harris’s Close Ties With Marxists, Communists, Maoists, and Socialists

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