Thursday 14 January 2021

Rico reports....

 Let's be very CLEAR.


The Capitol event was America's "Reichstag Fire" and was staged by the Left (Antifa-BLM) to 'seal the steal.'

- It was a 'false flag' used as a fig leaf to 'cover' the fraudulent certification of a fraudulent election.

- Our votes were stolen, and our election was brazenly stolen. You have done nothing about it.


I have absolutely NO use, nor patience with, whining, namby-pamby RINO's and GOPe's [D] that would rather wring their hands and bite the pillow playing 'bottom' to predatory Democrats [C] rather than STAND UP for America.

- Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnel and their ilk broadly included ref infra.


The Republicans [D] without Trump are merely one branch of the Uniparty, They happen to wear red gang colors, while the Donk's [C] wear blue gang colors.

- They are cut from the same cloth, and 'choosing' between them is merely deciding which gang you want to mug you and sell you down the river...the Bloods or the Crips.


This last election (emphasis on LAST) was fraudulent and illegitimate, its certification was fraudulent and illegitimate, and any 'government' that follows now is fraudulent and illegitimate.

- And NO, the correct usage is not that Biden is not our President, but rather that BIDEN IS NOT THE PRESIDENT.


In closing, IF you Republicans [D] OR the Democrats [C] wanted anything to be any different, they would be. Instead we have rampant fraud, corruption, malfeasance, and treason.

- That we are in these circumstances is a damning indictment of you both.


Why vote if votes don't matter?

Why obey the lawmakers who don't obey the law (or have their own separate law)?

- I do not have the words to express the utter disgust and disdain I have for all of you!


Congratulations on your successful murder of the Constitutional Republic. We had a good run, but you have ended it.

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CNC said...

I agree with your sentiments. And I will say the saddest thing I've ever said - I am glad I never had children.