Monday 22 February 2021


When Ronald Reagan won the Presidency in 1980 there was NO alternative media, no Conservative talk radio and no Fox News - there was only the Big 3 - ABC, CBS and NBC - and the NYT, WaPo, LAT and Chicago Tribune - ALL of media was Leftist and they controlled the narrative 100% AND they controlled both Houses of Congress for FORTY YEARS. Nowadays we have Fox, OAN, the New York Post, Washington Times, Washington Examiner,  Conservatives OWN talk radio and we have our own social media (MeWe, Parler, Gab, Signal and Telegram) plus whatever we can slip past the censors on FB and Twitter. We have BEAUCOUP resources and WE ARE THE MAJORITY. We got this, people! Get the word out, say it LOUD and SAY IT PROUD!

Conservatives are for FREEDOM:
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Assembly
Freedom of Religion
Freedom of Conscience
Freedom to Keep and Bear Arms
THEY - the so-called "Liberals" - are against all of the above, and more they want to give our country away to Communist China, to the Globalists via Paris Climate Accord (an unratified ergo illegal treaty) and to millions of undocumented, unvetted illegal aliens pouring across our borders unchecked (and if you say anything about it out comes the Cancel Culture).
if we are to lose America as the last outpost of Freedom on Earth LET US NOT LOSE IT WITHOUT A FIGHT


Anonymous said...

But the LIE-berals have mastered the art of election theft -- with absolutely no consequences.

We may have more people, but they have all the fake votes and crooked voting machines.

So now it comes down to if we have the stomachs and balls to fight them in the streets to take back our country. I'm guessing not, since nothing was done in the face of the biggest election theft in history anywhere this past November!!!

edutcher said...


Great antidote to all the whining.

Anonymous said...

Fox news is controlled opposition. They can't be trusted.

Baywolfe said...

Guess where all the people live.