Thursday 4 February 2021

Go Shit Fortune Cookies................from Rico

 Welcome to Obama's 3rd term! [Biden]

- The racketeering, corrupt, political machine that represents themselves (and NOT "We the People") are slopping at the trough unhindered again.


The septic tank aka 'swamp' is rapidly being refilled, and the political class are happily demonstrating that shit does indeed float.

- Here are a few examples of the rot that we have seen in just a very few days; what is going on below the surface of the 'swamp' is likely worse, and more likely to never be 'seen' by us.


Thanks to the Left, the former Constitution has been reduced to mere doodles on a soggy cocktail napkin.

- And when the lawless [D] make laws? Pffft!


All y'awl can go shit fortune cookies!

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