Sunday 21 February 2021


 I've been chartered to write about survival subjects . . . ping me if this interests you . . . S.L.



One of the greatest single items for bushcraft - or general all-around operational purposes - is parachute cord a.k.a. "para-caord" a.k.a. "550 cord" - I never go anywhere without at least 50 or 100 feet of it. The original 550 cord was so named because its tensile breaking strength is 550lbs; nowadays para-cord can be purchased in regular hardware stores in a variety of breaking strengths. Para-cord can be "gutted" to use the little strings within for various purposes; the ends must always be burned to prevent fraying, which occurs very quickly. The orange para-cord shown here is designed especially for survival kits; it's internals include fishing line, brass wire (for traps & snares) and jute twine. The orange & green item (top left) is a very small survival kit I made from a pill bottle, attached to it is a "Ranger Beads" pace cord (the beads are rubber grommets from M60 fuse igniters - I used to be a military engineer that's where I got them from). A knowledge of knots is useful. Does anybody know what the item is at the bottom of the pic?




Anonymous said...


thomas said...

texas handcuffs, or varaiation of handcuff knot.

Anonymous said...

Looks like some shoelace handcuffs. Very easy to use, and if you use their shoelace, very hard for them to run away. LOL

skybill said...

Hi Stormbringer!!,
If ya. can get some of the real deal.. MIl-C-5040 T/III you will be better off!! You will have to order it from he mfgr. like BallyMills,, another good source for mil-spec webbing, tapes and cords is "Para-Gear" they're near Chi-town..... All that chink stuff might break at 80 lbs!!!!

Usedta' work in aerospace on parachutes!! We always had the real deal!! End of a contract.. what was leftover was usually tossed!!! that's OK me and my buddies caught it!! Still have a substantial stash!!

the old Rigger!!,

Anonymous said...

Expedited handcuffs? Kinds look like the zip-tie cuffs used by police.

Alex G said...

Handcuff knot

Billll said...

The item at the bottom is a field expedient nerd kit which is worn like glasses to lull your enemy into a false sense of security. Once he drops his guard and you cosh him, it becomes a classic handcuff knot.