Tuesday 23 March 2021

Crimony, Pop Star Billie Eilish Cracks Out Her Monster 'Sweater Puppies', and They're Freakin' Glorious! (PHOTOS)

Holy cow! 

I had no idea! And I mean, shoot, I've posted about her "enviable assets" before, but not this enviable, hot darn!

See, "Crimony, Pop Star Billie Eilish Cracks Out Her Monster 'Sweater Puppies: Hoo Boy! This Babe is 'Bigger' Than I Thought! (PHOTOS)."

She's big, alright! Just massive, wow!

I mean, seriously, this is like, "release the hounds," with the "hounds" being her humongous "sweater puppies," holy camoly!


Allen said...

not falling for thise celeb jihad links any more. is there anything on that site that isn't fake?

Ritchie P said...

Ugh!! Disgusting..... This mumbling cow needs to go away...

Allen said...

are there any of those celeb jihad pics that are real? every time I go there it's bad photoshops.