Thursday 12 August 2021

A Pandemic of the Vaccinated ..................from Rico

 The latest Eudra (which is only for the 27 EU countries, not all 50+ European countries) reflects 20,525 'vaccine' dead and 1,960,607 'vaccine' injuries.

- Is this because of the 'main ingredient' of the injections being toxic Graphene Oxide? [This begs the question: Negligent Homicide, or Murder?]


In Australia 99% of severe patients in hospital are 'vaccinated', in Israel 95%, and Singapore 75%.

- Look for this same pattern in highly vaccinated places like "HMS Elizabeth" with 100% 'vaccinated crew, and Gibralter.


Meanwhile, back in the manufactured dystopia we live in here in the USA, Fauci is now saying a third shot is a good idea.

- Remember that this shill when he talks about anything is purposely wrong and/or lying out of his ass. [translation: Long Covid according to the 'Fauc' = Long-term vaccine damage according to actual medicina.]

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