Monday 29 November 2021

Going sideways? ...................from Rico

 Our friends at PHE (former Public Health England, now UKHSA) tell us the doubly-vaxxed over age 30 are 286% more likely to die of 'covid' after reinfection than the unvaxxed are.


Given the current death numbers for the vaxxed vs unvaxxed, this could go sideways for the vaxxed...if it has not already started to do so.


Ask your doctor about this:

"Vaccines do NOT lose their effectiveness. The natural immune system DOES lose effectiveness in the vaxxed."


It's not as we're being told...

- The scarefest must be kept going to $ell more 'jabs' (boo$ters, and boo$ters not invented yet) and to continue undermining natural immunity.

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