Thursday 2 December 2021

Democrat [C] Genius! ................from Rico

 O'Biden's putative Transportation Secretary Pete Buttplug is being touted as a possible replacement for JoeBama by the Democrats [C].

This is simply genius! This guy is more out of touch with reality than any other Democrat, or even Poopin' Joe is.


As the Regime pursues the delusional fantasy that sunshine and wind can run a nation while purposely destroying the fossil fuel industry, Pete laid a real gem on us the other day suggesting that we'd never have to worry about the price of gas ever again if we would just buy EV's that we cannot afford [conveniently ignoring the unreliability of their 'plans' to provide electricity for them].


Yep! that the Donk's consider this guy the pick of the litter says a lot about their 'talent pool' being so shallow you can walk through it and not get your ankles wet.

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