Wednesday 1 December 2021

$mash & Grab Looting .....................from Rico

 Publius said it best in 50BC "Debt is the slavery of the free."

- Look at the skyrocketing public debt [attached]. The treasuries have been looted of our money (governments have no money they didn't first take from us).

- We have not only been impoverished, but enslaved.

- What hasn't been outright skimmed-off by graft, has certainly gone to enriching the 'vaccine makers' from public funds for 'vaccines' that neither work as promised (stopping transmission of the 'rona and preventing the 'rona) nor provide any public health benefit...unless you consider culling/killing "useless eaters" a benefit as Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates openly do.


Now step back from our almost now worthless fiat money experiment and look at Gold vs the Dollar, pound, and Yen since 1900.

- Guess what comes next?

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