Saturday 5 March 2022

Russia Expert Stephen Cohen on the Ukraine Crisis --- of 2014!

Here, "Historian Stephen Cohen Blames the U.S. and NATO for the Ukraine Crisis (VIDEO)."

This dude blamed the U.S. and NATO for the Ukraine crisis ... back in 2014. 

He's way better than John Mearsheimer, as he's not all theory. He knows Russia like the back of his hand. In relation to what's happening now, I can't find fault with a single thing he says. It's not the argument folks want to hear, myself included. It's just that he's practically irrefutable. Interesting as hell, in any case. 

It's very amazing how the U.S. foreign policy elites can't seem to get it. For Putin, NATO is not a defensive alliance. 

I used to criticize this him back in the day, but almost a decade on, I admit I was not listening very closely to what he was saying. 


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