Thursday 15 June 2023

Pence-Backing Super-PAC, 'Committed to America', Launches First 2024 Campaign Spot (VIDEO)

The background's here, "Pence allies launching super PAC to back former vice president’s expected 2024 candidacy."

Also, at MEDIAite, "Brutal Ad from Pro-Pence Super PAC Hits Trump Over Jan. 6, Abortion, Putin: ‘A Weak Man’."


Mind your own business said...

Long past his shelf life.
He's burned far too many bridges with the people who might possibly be convinced to vote for him, by pandering to people who would never vote for him.

Michael said...

Pence is a backstabbing RINO...Go Trump!!!

Mr Bee said...

GOPe coward using Koch money. He's part of the problem, not the solution. What got this country's corruption where it is today is alternating between the corrupt left wing Bush GOP3 and the even more corrupt far left Obama Democrats. Neither solved the problem and when the guy who tried to solve it came in they stabbed him in the back and arrested his voters with a phoney "insurrection".

grayjohn said...