Monday 2 October 2023

[17] RE: all cause mortality- the truth speaks.........................from Rico

 Subject: [17] RE: all cause mortality- the truth speaks


Doubtless the 'vaxx' was  attempted genocide of global scale/proportions (17 million deaths so far per the link).

- Why and by whom?


Watching the media of late the headlines often contain the number seems to be a 'message' or 'signal' of some sort.

- Signifying what?


SDG? Sustainable Development Goals. Look at the emblem (a circle with 17 colors) and the ones pictured wearing it. [attached]...Feel warm and fuzzy yet?

- This is the symbol of the Great Reset and represents the UN policy to usher in One World Government.

- The 17 colors each represent a specific goal and can be found on a UN website. [attached]...But it gets better.


A cult? A death cult? Bear with me here. In ancient Rome all their Gods and Goddesses were associated with a number.

- The number 17 represented Saturn, the God of Death.

- To a Roman 17 was the number of death, an unlucky number.

- The anagram of 17 written XVII forms VIXI which in Latin means "I lived" meaning 'I am dead.'


Our would-be/wannabe rulers (I specifically call them out as motherWEFers/Globohomo) have a cult-like attachment/fixation to their symbology. Is 17 one of them?


On the other hand, our self-identified ubermenschen...the UN, WEF, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and their many friends obviously wish only the best for the untermenschen (noblesse oblige), have taken an avuncular stance toward their flock, and are just trying to be good shepherds.

No surprise to anyone here but just another layer of proof of the genocide being conducted …

COVID Vaccines Causally Linked to Increased Mortality, Resulting in 17 Million Deaths: Scientific Report

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