Tuesday 13 February 2024

2024 Head Fake Inbound? ..........................from Rico

 Fair disclosure: I believe today's Democrats are LARPing wanna-be Marxists who are malevolent hate-America-firsters, wrapped in deceit, and enveloped in lies 24/7.

= I expect nothing good to ever come from anything they plan or do.

= I believe nothing they say.


Ignore the MSM 'white noise' about Biden 2024, or about Kamala or Mooch running instead. No Democrats [C] have filed to run in all 50 states and the deadlines have passed.

- Why? The insiders know "the plan."


Team Obama, Obama, and the 'party' have already written Biden out of the 2024 script.

- Biden will either go into hospice, get 25th'd, or die...but will remain as a place-holder until his replacement is revealed.


Will RFKjr be Biden's replacement?

- He is already filed as a candidate in all 50 states (just not as a Democrat).

- The Democrats [C] have so badly tainted their brand they cannot overtly run him as a Democrat as even the most naive/retarded would consider him kompromat...however he is perfectly positioned as an outsider/anti-establishment figure.

- And:

1. RFKjr appeals to Bernie Bro Leftards.

2. The vaxxies all hate him (so he must be 'one of us' right?).

3. The Donks say they hate him (remember they lie).

4. The anti-.gov right sees him as Trump-lite.

= Perfectly positioned and viable stealth candidate to set against Trump who can deny being a Democrat, that the Democrats can deny is a Democrat, and fits the "anyone other than Trump" and "Fuck America First and Always" [FAFA] agenda.


[?] Are American voters and non-American voters stupid enough to swallow this?

- They elected Obama twice.

- They almost elected Felonia von Pantsuit.

- We're told they elected Biden (I just threw up in my mouth).

+ Commiefornia hasn't required proof of citizenship to vote since 1994 and has been a one party Blue State ever since.

...now think about the millions (10-20-??? million) of illegals the Donks have swarmed us with these last three years.

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