Thursday 8 February 2024

Kayfabe Kabuki? .....................from Rico

 Something is 'off' about the Tucker interview with Putin.

- Are"we the (little) people" being played for saps again?


Tucker presents a solid "why" for doing it, and the Leftards are unsurprisingly whining about it, but there is an air of inauthenticity about the entire thing...are we being 'misdirected' so the REAL question isn't asked?

                        to wit

WHY is Tucker interviewing Putin NOW? (And why is Clown World now 'allowing' it?)


This is an interesting and abrupt 'pivot' from the relentless and ham-handed 24/7 Clown World propaganda barrage:

- Putin BAD man! Putin Hitler!

- Ukraine's gay comedian farts rose petals and shits Tiffany cufflinks.



1. Ukraine [read: NATO and the US] is getting their ass thoroughly kicked and then unceremoniously handed to them.

2.  Clown World has their tit in a wringer, once again being surprised that talking their magic words and wishing doesn't get anything done!

- Now they are frantic to cut a 'deal' before Russia opens a can of whoopass and gets serious about changing the game permanently with their own offensive and changing Ukraine's borders for them.

3. It smells like Clown World has decided to put a more human face on Putin to make their 'hoped for' negotiated Ukrainian surrender easier to swallow for all the suckers who were duped (and $windled) into 'standing with Ukraine.'

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Mind your own business said...

It's good to hear the Russian side of all this ... it's likely to point out some of the things our own globalist "leadership" has chosen to either lie to us or neglect to tell us. Not that the Russians will necessarily be all that truthful either.

But when you are hearing two liars argue, it's best to be able to hear both sides. Then make up your own mind.

Why now? Those listed reasons are as good as any. Carlson was going to attempt it back when he was still with Fox News. Who knows why he backed off then? Now he's independently successful enough that he can pull it off. Good for him. I'm interested in hearing what results. It can't be more dishonest than what our own government is feeding us.

As far as I know, there are no US travel restrictions on going to Russia. Our powers-that-be may not approve, but thus far their sanctions don't include travel bans. Our own lying media bailed from Russia when the Russians noted that they could be imprisoned for telling lies.

Just remember, nobody is telling you truths that are disadvantageous to the tellers. Nobody.