Sunday 31 March 2024

HISTORIC...just not in a good way .........from Rico

No 'government' [I just threw up in my mouth] in US history has so perfectly combined boundless mendacity, corruption, cowardice, evil, scumbaggery, shameless malevolence, and venality as whatever assortment of Communist, gay, fakes and retards as we now have masquerading/LARPing as one today.

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Dan said...

No....Obozo the SCOAMF did NOT 'lead the coup' against Trump.
He is every bit the puppet that Pedo Joe Biden is. The only
significant difference between them is that he is coherent,
Pedo Joe is not. The people making ALL the decisions and
running the country were not elected, are not accountable and
are for the most part anonymous. The Demonrat left hasn't
run anyone for POTUS that wasn't a puppet for a quarter century
or more.