Tuesday 16 April 2024

A 'message' was sent ........from Rico

While the Russian bear continues to 'poke back' against Clown World with considerable restraint, they are not alone.

 Iran told the US in advance their response to Israeli provocation would be 'limited.'

- It was. The two Israeli airbases that launched the Iranian Embassy attack were both targeted and hit.

A 'win' for Iran and Israel-US exposed as paper tigers? [shades of NATO-Ukraine]

- There is NO WAY Israel could have intercepted (or survived) hundreds of Iranian 'incoming' without a week of Israel and allies putting defences into place (while Iran waited for them to prepare). [Iron Dome, David's Sling, Arrow]

- A clear 'message' has been sent:

A REAL Iranian attack would not have been 'telegraphed' in advance allowing Israel-US to prepare for it.

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