Sunday 21 April 2024

Scamdemic Season 2: Bird Flu ........from Rico

We're all gonna die from "bird flu" [H5N1]!

The always reliable, truthful, honest, and accurate media is asserting that "bird flu" is 50% fatal in humans. This is 100% fear mongering BS.

NO. It is not:

- "Bird flu" IS nasty...IF you're a chicken, but don't hold your breath waiting for CDC/FDA to release a campaign "you're not a chicken" like they did for Ivermectin [remember: You are not a horse. ...Seriously, y'all. Stop it.]

- If it WAS 50% fatal to humans HALF the humans who worked around chickens (a) would already be dead, and (b) you would likely have noticed. None are so far.

- There is NO evidence that "bird flu" has, or can, naturally cross to humans.

- If that were to ever happen human intervention would have to be responsible.

= There is ZERO probability of a Covidesque "bird flu" event of natural origin, it would have to be 100% human-engineered and intended to kill.



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