Thursday 2 May 2024

I&W: Prepare Accordingly ..........from Rico


NONE of this is for ANY benign or good purpose.

1. (U) Data Analyst Tony Seruga has been geolocating/tracking the cellphones of illegals from the caravans to the US border, then into the US interior.

2. (U) Today over 1,000 of these identified cellphones are present at over 21 campus pro-Hamas/anti-Israel protests across the US that are being funded by Soros.

- They are here for these fake astroturf protests.

- They will be used for voter fraud in the 2024 election.

- If/when things go kinetic they will be issued weapons, ammo, and other kit needed to go operational.

3. (U) Detail FYI. UC Irvine.

- 41 tracked individuals. All vic campus. Twelve walked onto campus in pairs.

- 18 arrived 2024.

- 23 previously involved in past Antifa/BLM riots. 




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