Saturday 22 June 2024

Au contraire mon frere, be Heyokha ..........from Rico

Are you ready to withstand the inbound (next) scamdemic?

- The usual suspects, being loathe to let a good scam go to waste...especially since the last one [SARS-2 Covid] bamboozled and hoodwinked so many, have the 'Bird Flu' ready to debut along with their already prepared 'vaccine' to save everyone from the boogey man!

- And, as usual, the opposite of what the 'authorities' say will be the truth.


DO THE OPPOSITE of what TPTB tell you!

Be Heyokha*!


*Among the Souix (Lakotah and Dakota) there were Heyokha. Contrarians and satirists who reacted and moved contrary to those around them, using extreme behaviors to force others to examine their own fears, doubts, hatreds, and weaknesses.

- Not bound by any constraints, they violated taboos freely, asked 'why?' and openly questioned those in positions of authority, saying what most were afraid to say.


IMO if we started taking scalps next go around this genocidal anti-humanist globalist bullshit would stop PDQ!


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