Tuesday 4 June 2024

Just in case ..........from Rico

My webmail provider has been 'odd' this past week.

- It started with 'connection error' msgs appearing a few days ago when I signed in, but I was always able to bypass them and access my account.

- Until today when sign-in attempts were met with 'connection reset' HTTP ERROR 429 and it's taken the better part of today to UNFUBAR that and access this account.


? Was it the latest MSFT update causing this? [It did try to 'guide' me to its Outlook browser AND sucker/mislead me to install Win11]

- Not that there's ever anything helpful, useful, or altruistic about MSFT.**

? Whether MSFT, BRAVE (browser), Reagan webmail are now kompromat...and/or BigMother.gov/NoSuchAgency are involved here...

= Having no reasonable expectation this 'issue' is resolved, and JUST IN CASE this gets worse and I lose this access point please be advised that in the event I go dark/radio silent:

- I will be working on alternate comm's.

- Within the next week or so I will be relocating from FL to NC. Anyone needing to contact me in the absence of internet/webmail should already have my landline number for the tarheel boondocks.


Cheers, R


**I may 'slick' my air-gapped computer of ALL things Windows/MSFT and install LINUX with Libre Office plus a new Webmail provider, probably not Proton since I'm no longer entirely confident in them...whatever is done will require rebuilding contact lists in addition to new methods of contact.


Having experience in East Germany and behind the Iron Curtain this is like deja vu all over again and the prudent mariner might consider that Moscow/STASI Rules now apply here.

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