Thursday 13 June 2024

USN Swabbies Turn Tail and Present Their Asses .........from Rico

...well, fight as you train.


Not since WW II has another country attacked an American aircraft carrier.

 Until now.  

 Yemen has launched ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and drones against the aircraft carrier "USS Dwight D Eisenhower."

 Surprised that DEI, pronouns, and LGBTQ are of absolutely no practical use in reality...they bravely ran away after being damaged* and their nose bloodied.

- So much for "I have not yet begun to fight" or "Damn the torpedos..." and welcome "please be gentle" and "use lube."

 *The always forthcoming and truthful Biden ne' Obama regime has blacked out any information about damage to the "Eisenhower."

1 comment:

Allen said...

the captain of the Eisenhower said he was going to get lunch, because there was literally nothing going on where he was. on the bridge of the USS Eisenhower.

so, "ehmagherd they're attacking the ship!" not so much.

99.9999999% of the navy doesn't do the DEI crap. the ones that do are paper shufflers and don't matter much anyway.

but who am I'll never post this. like all the other comments I've left.