Friday 21 June 2024

When morons run the classrooms ........from Rico

It's NOT the students in the classroom so much as it's the morons [D] who run the classroom.

Thank you Democrats, Dept of Education, and Teacher's Unions (redundancy unavoidable) for EQUITY!

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Justin_O_Guy said...

The Government is Happy with the product coming out of the schools. I know that is true because in 65 or 66 they Announced the System is broken (a la Healthcare) and proceeded to make changes. When the time came for the tests, the results showed that the changes had lowered the scores. They did NOT reverse ONE Single change. They simply changed more things.
Check out Charlotte Iserbyt, YouTube and a book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. She was a Higher Up in the education system and watched it happen. I realized it was sabotage when evidence proved the changes had made it worse and they didn't unDo anything. I was smart enough to know if I'm trying to get the mower to run its best and I turn an adjustment on the carburetor, if it starts running Worser,, Go the Other Way. Also, tuning a complex system one simply Can Not make more than one change before you evaluate the cost/benefit OF that change.