Friday, 4 April 2008

Just how far will Hillary go?

Martin Luther King anniversary stokes black fears of Barack Obama assassination. I wouldn't put anything past the Clintons!!


Anonymous said...

I would not put anything past that bitch!

Anonymous said...

She's not out yet, unfortunately.

The Democratic National Committee has 30 members, 13 of whom are beholden to Shillary.

They are going to meet the last week of May to decide once and for all the questions about the Florida and Michigan delegates.

If the Clintons can bribe, threaten or bully three more DNC members, look for that committee to give Shillary the nomination by releasing the Florida and MIchigan delegates to the loathsome bitch.

Lew Scannon said...

Contact Hillary here and tell her to drop out of the race

Anonymous said...

She didn't take the FBI files the day Bill took office for light reading.

It's blackmail time at the DNC!

Anonymous said...

I personally am going to vote for the green party but it wouldn't surprise me at all if obama has an aircraft "accident"

Anonymous said...

Sen. Obama is sometimes called the black JFK; I think he's more like RFK. Either way, the end game is the same. Hillary is the female LBJ. She will be shocked, SHOCKED, the day Obama departs. Only the conspiracy kooks will have the bad manners to notice anything odd about the circumstances. Even Rush Limbaugh will stop taking calls about it after a few days.