Wednesday 14 December 2016

8 Reasons....................from Rico

Severely butt-hurt "progressives" are searching for reasons why their beloved Hillary "lost" the election. They are hysterical at this point.
- Of course, the basis for their inability to accept the election results is their fundamental belief that voters are mindless sheep who are easily distracted and led astray, quite unable to separate the buckwheat from the bullshit, and they badly need to be 'lead' by their moral and intellectual betters [read: themselves, the progressives, besserwissers].
You want reasons?
- You can't handle the reasons!
No, it was NOT the Russians who 'somehow' tilted the election away from Hillary in Trump's was Hillary!
- No more of the Russian delusions, please, until you can explain how they made Donna Brazile leak those CNN debate questions to Hillary, otherwise STFU.
Here are EIGHT REASONS for the election results:
- her e-mails
- her corruption
- her 'management' of her campaign
- her Wall Street 'speeches'
- her wingnut circle of associates and supporters
- her husband on the tarmac
- her husband's penis

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