Wednesday 14 December 2016

Can Liberal Jews Pull Out of their Death Spiral?.................from Dan Friedman

[In what passes for our “Jewish community,” the race to the bottom is descending faster and faster. This, despite the brave fight being put up by a small cadre of American Jewish patriots who are, alas, outmanned, outgunned and out organized. At the present rate, it will not be long – less than a generation - before the lemmings hit rock bottom. But they won’t take the rest of us with them, as long as we all remember this: The fate of the Jewish people will be decided in Jerusalem and not on the Upper West Side. I don’t like to mince words, and I believe more than ever fighting America’s Erev Rav is a fool’s errand. Starting now we have to refocus our energies on strengthening Israel spiritually and physically. If that calls for a circumcision from the lost causes here, well so be it. The foreskin is a useless appendage anyway. df]
Hillel is a tragedy and a disgrace. But it’s the tragedy and disgrace of the American Jewish establishment which has nearly run out of time to make a final choice between Judaism, the Jewish people and the left.

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