Friday 15 September 2017

How many fingers am I holding up, Hillary?..................from Rico

I've long considered that Hillary has shown all the traits of a psychopath for most of her adult life, but her recent interpretation of Orwell's "1984" pretty much proves she is not just insane, but evil incarnate.
Most normal people consider "1984" to be a cautionary tale of a dystopian future where government has fulfilled Orwell's greatest's face ground under the boot of government forever with no hope or recourse.
Big government types (socialists, left and right) tend to think of "1984" as a guidebook, a "how to - for dummies."
Hillary takes it even further out into orbit (way past Uranus, in fact). She says "1984" tells us to trust government and the media.
To paraphrase the line from the book/movie ["How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?"] one can only retort "How many fingers am I holding up, Hillary?"

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