Friday 15 September 2017

Win or Lose, David Myers Will Be a Mistake His CJH Backers Will Regret...................from Dan Friedman

I’ve read a sampling of David Myers’ writing on Israel, Zionism and the Arabs. I came away thinking the guy they just installed as the leader of the Center for Jewish History is very clever and cunning. He sounds so reasonable… well, for  a radical. He appears very even-handed while reiterating his extremist ideological opposition to the modern Zionist enterprise, and his insistence on “justice” for a state of mythological people who have never had one.

Frankly, I think Myers has already laid the groundwork for being characterized as a “level-headed moderate” and he’s going to be very hard to dislodge - at this point.

The problem for Myers and the Center for Jewish History that just appointed him is that the world is not moving in Myers’ direction - his obsessions, Israel in particular, are moving in direct opposition. In fact, the two are poles apart already and moving further apart at warp speed. (Click here for an example)

In short, Myers and his anti-Zionist comrades on campus and elsewhere are being left behind by Jewish history. And a man with so much invested in the wrong outcome (not to mention his unsavory sub rosa associations) will not be able to keep his cool forever. As examples, we’ve already seen Thomas Friedman (remember him?) and Peter Beinart fade from respectability after being wrong forever and making fools of themselves in public.

In due course, there will be no reputable place for Myers to find ideological expression. He will no longer be able to find cover along the margins of mainstream discussion, as he does today. That will leave him very little choice but to expound his extremist views farther out on the fringe. In other words, the Alt-left anti-Zionist groups like Students For Justice in Palestine, the New Israel Fund, Jewish Voice and J Street - most, if not all, George Soros vanity productions. And all of whom blur the line between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.

To put it bluntly, Myers is an ideological time bomb and at some point he’s going to go off. Mark my words, David Myers is a political animal with a huge ego and he will crack under the pressure of being out of step with the future of the Jewish world. And when he does lose his cool and bare his anti-Israel teeth in full view of our community, the mistaken machers on East 16
th St. who have invested the most in this “scholar” are going to live to regret it.

This is the risk the keepers of the flame at the Center for Jewish History have taken. And there’s a very good chance they’ll rue the day that they let him in their house in the first place. For those calling for his head now, I have a suggestion. Just be patient. We have the luxury of time while Myers and the Left are running out of it pronto.

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