Sunday 26 November 2017

Closing The Books on Dan Friedman

As early as 2010, in a WSJ op-ed, Dershowitz began to cover his ass, writing that if Obama allowed Iran to get nuclear weapons during his time in office (weasel alert) he would be remembered as a latter-day Chamberlain. Remember, this was only two years after Hussein was elected and two years before he was re-elected in 2012. The professor was obviously already getting nervous - about his choice and his own "legacy." But he seemed to get over it long enough to endorse Hussein again over a mild-mannered moderate Republican, Mitt Romney, a Mormon but not a Muslim. 

But it was all to no avail: Barack Hussein Obama ignored (or didn't care about) his faithful counselor's caution. And on 9/10/15 the headline in the NYT read: Democrats Hand Victory to Obama on Iran Nuclear Deal. Of course, as we all know, the learned counsel would go on to "enthusiastically" endorse BHO's thoroughly depraved Secretary of State only last year. (Sidebar: Given a choice between criminal Clinton and the arguably mercurial Trump, why didn't you just publicly abstain and say you'd be sitting out this election?)

It's unlikely, given the ten-year time-frame Hussein built into his deal, that either Dershowitz or I will live to see the day the Mullahs explode their first H-Bomb. But the mega-billions (not to mention the international legitimacy) Obama's deal bestowed on the Iranians the minute it was official can go a long way. And indeed it has. War with Israel and Iran's proxies is already within earshot, and barring unforeseen illness, both Alan and I should live through it - Hashem willing.  

Even in Judaism, some sins are unforgivable, making teshuvah next to impossible. See the story of The Spys. Misleading your own people up to the brink of annihilation is one of them, and in the days of the Bible it demanded capital punishment. Today, it's G-d who metes out the punishment. 

There is an anecdote about Chamberlain that is likely apocryphal. On his deathbed he was said to have sighed, "If only Hitler hadn't lied to me." What a pathetic statement about the die-hard appeaser who died never knowing either himself or the way of the world. A fool who cost humanity over 50 million lives. 

Still, Alan Dershowitz, a last minute reprieve is still within reach. Just utter the following words in public: It was mistake for me to endorse Obama twice and Hillary Clinton once. And I'll regret it the rest of my life. Full stop. Exeunt right. 

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