Sunday 26 November 2017

The 'oldest' profession...................from Rico

Having access to news from around the world tells one a LOT.
- Comparing that news to what the US kept-whores, presstitutes, and farkin' Commies [pardon the redundancy] in the MSM also tells one a LOT.
Specifically, what the US 'media' clowns choose to report and what they choose NOT to report.
- Some ignoranus named LaVar Ball is all over the 'news' because he's anti-Trump, for example, while a true American patriot named Lavoy Finicum was murdered by government agents in a real 'hands up, don't shoot' situation but not one peep is heard about that incident.
Possibly the greatest story never told is the Uranium One story.
- Not least because this is a REAL example of "Russian Collusion"...but it involves the 'protected ones' aka farkin' Commies, the Clintons, Obama, the politicized Feebie' a word whores [redundancy intentional and unavoidable].

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