Saturday 30 December 2017

COMEX Painting the Tapes- EoM & EoY.......................from Rico

End of Month, End of Year, no surprise then that the 'tradition' of "painting the tape" should be alive and well at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange's, COMEX for the precious metals (Gold-au, Silver-ag) for the last active trading day of 2017.
- You can 'see' from these screen captures (taken this morning, mid-day, and then this afternoon) that $1300 Gold and $17 Silver price levels were 'defended' as they have been for a long while now.
Can't have any uncontrolled 'price discovery' in a rigged market, closing-out the month and year notwithstanding.
- And while it's acceptable to 'paint the tape' (or 'spread it around' as Obamunista's liked to say), just not too thickly. That was clearly not allowed to happen.

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