Saturday 30 December 2017

Inflation - A Banquet of Consequences......................from Rico

When Richard Nixon effectively ended the Gold Standard in 1971, he set the table for the US to enjoy 'a banquet of consequences' otherwise known as inflation.
The first chart illustrates the explosion of debt to GDP in trillions of USD.
- This is the 'systemic risk' no one wants to really discuss.
The second, the Dollar's loss of purchasing power.
- This is the inflation that the US does not have, according to the FED and the USG.
But, prices in 2017 are 504% higher than in 1971 (using the 'offishul' inflation numbers; using SGS Shadowstats numbers makes the picture even worse but we won't go there today, this is bad enough to contemplate).
- Another way to express this is that $100 in 1971 is $604 in 2017.
No, everybody is NOT 'richer' just takes more money that is now worth less to buy the same exact things it did before.
Gee, thanks a bunch "Tricky Dicky"...

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