Wednesday 20 December 2017

What are the 'odds' of this ever happening?..........................from Rico

The CRIMEX spot markets for precious metals (au-gold, ag-silver) closed at virtually the same price today 19dec17 as yesterday 18dec17.
- Silver $16.12 vs $16.12
- Gold $1261.70 vs $1262.70
The 'odds' of this ever happening in a free market are akin to Hillary 'winning' six consecutive coin tosses to claim a victory in an otherwise dead-even primary. 
- The 'invisible hand' is blatantly revealing (again) a very 'visible thumb' on the CME scales. [read: the game is 'rigged']
Saint Anne of Barnhardt identified it years ago when she observed "If you're still in these markets, you're either stupid or on drugs."

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