Wednesday 20 December 2017

WINNING - The First 341 Days of MAGA....................from Rico

Trump's first 341 days define WINNING against the combined opposition of the Swamp (establishment Democrats, RINO's, and bureauRats) and the MSM's digging in their heels and "resisting."
If you didn't hear it above their whining and temper tantrums, here's a short list:
- CUT taxes (corporate and individual)
- REPEAL ObamaCare individual mandate
- APPOINT a Constitutionalist judge to SCOTUS
- SHRED tons of needless, useless, and economy-killing red tape
- APPROVE pipeline projects and new oil drilling
- WITHDRAW from bogus wealth-transfer scam aka Paris Climate Accord
- WIPE 'climate change' BS from list of threats to the US
- ARREST illegal MS-13 criminals for deportation 
- MOVE Embassy to Jerusalem
- START prototypes for 'the Wall'
- RECORD setting DOW, best year EVER in history for stocks shattering records for 70+ days with a 5,000 point rise
- DROVE the MSM and Left to lose it's 'collective' mind while revealing themselves as foaming-at-the-mouth mad and enemies of truth, free speech, and the American Way.
Now try to imagine what he could do if he had any support!

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