Friday 12 January 2018

Good question. Damned GOOD question....................from Rico

The kollective Left has their, pussy hats in a twist because of something an unnamed Democratic source allegedly claims Trump said in a private meeting, according to what someone else told them.
- Yeah. riiiiight. Consider the 'source' for a moment. It's NOT like "progressives-Democrats-liberals-the MSM" ever make things up [read: lie] or anything, right?
More "fake but could be true" manufactured "news" from the purveyors of same.
When the real story emerges, IF it does, I'm betting this latest fit of histrionics will be conveniently forgotten about by the people who are offensive while claiming to be offended.
- But, let's set aside the issue of who said what.
THIS is actually a damned good question, and one that many have thought to themselves, but fact, nobody in today's cultural Marxist pc-environment...
would articulate openly.
- Attached is a picture of Haiti, but it could be Somalia, or Stockholm or Paris after the 'hijrah' for that matter.
Decide for yourselves, but be warned...this is too obvious for a "progressive" to grasp.
- There ARE shithole countries in the world today, They are shitholes precisely because of their inhabitants. Invite a family to live with you in your personal home for a year, then come back and tell me how it went for you.

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