Friday 12 January 2018

If President Trump Is A Lunatic Sanity Needs To Be Redefined......................from Daniel Thomas

The attempt by the global elite and their embedded deep state operatives to use Russian collusion as justification to unseat the democratically elected President of the United States has hit the buffers. 
In their desperation they are now using the charge of lunacy as justification to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.

This really is desperate stuff and a clear indication of the fanaticism and hatred of the left toward anyone who does not share their ideology or world view. It is also an indication of their contempt for democracy and the American people who voted for candidate Trump in the face of one of the most hostile campaigns in history.

During his campaign candidate Trump promised that there would be so much winning the American people might get tired of winning. Despite the hostile media and the unrelenting attempts by the deep state to delegitimize his presidency and remove him from office, President Trump’s list of accomplishments after barely a year in office are spectacular and undeniable.

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