Monday 1 January 2018

Happy New Year 2018 All Year Long......................from Rico

Here is a truly Happy New Year thought that will make you smile all year long, or your head explode, depending upon your point of view.
- Either way, it's a fact.
Obama's horrible "legacy" is being dismantled almost as fast as ISIS, and that would definitely NOT be happening today if Comrade Cankles had been elected.
- She would have driven the nails into America's coffin, have no doubt about that.
Trump, love him or hate him, is doing what NO establishment Democrat (C) or establishment Republican (D) would or could do...and relentlessly.
- So while I would have chosen Ron Paul as President (with Ted Nugent and Kid Rock replacing thise RINO assholes McConnell and Ryan) if politics were like fantasy football, I'm HAPPY to work with what we've actually got not least because it's NOT radical Marxist hate-America-first happy horseshit like we saw under eight long years under O'bunghole, and would have seen under Her Marxist Filthiness (may her name never be spoken again).
Short version: Hillary is NOT President, and that's all that really matters.

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