Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Self Determination for California?.....................from Rico

It may be time for a 51st star on the US flag.
California used to be a really great state. Before liberals infested it.
- To be precise, urban shithole liberals [think: San Fran Sicko, LA, Hollyweird].
Conservatives have had 'enough' of the Toothsome Newsomes, Moonbeam Brown's, Nast Pelosi's, et al and have decided that emulating West Virginia and followng the US Constitution (Art 4, Sec 3) is the way 'forward' to escape the densely populated urban shitholes domination of the entire state.
Turning the tables on the Alinskyite radicals.
- Bravo. Well played!
Well, are you gonna just stand there, or whistle Dixie?

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Ken Mitchell said...

NOOOOOOOO!!!!! The boundary leaves my house 2 miles into OLD California. We need to move the northern border of Sacramento County south by 3 miles so that my house will be in "New California"/