Thursday, 28 June 2018

You ain't seen nothing yet.................from Rico

If you think the progtards are biting their lips like pornstars over Justice Kennedy retiring, wait until you see their epic meltdown when Ginsdrunk retires...followed by the diabetic.
- Trump actually could get four SCOTUS picks in his first term!
Talk about an epic MAGA schadenboner then!!!


Mark Matis said...

Except you know very well that both Flake and Songbird will vote AGAINST anyone that President Trump might nominate. And could even be joined by Collins and several other "Republican" senators.

edutcher said...

Don't forget Breyer.

He's only got 2 years on Kennedy.

Larry said...

And just for shits, giggles and pure conjecture, what about Justice Thomas retiring to make sure his young replacement carries the flag.

Anonymous said...

Two words for a new supreme court justice: Jeanine Pirro.
The case is closed.