Sunday, 26 August 2018

'Amber Wave' in Mid-term Elections..........from Rico

The Democrats had...and still have...a clear strategy which has written-off the white middle-class voter.

- We saw how well that 'worked' for them in 2016.


The Democrats continue to assume they have a lock on the Black vote in America, but their clear strategy of elevating Illegal Aliens and making them a priority has had a two-fold effect:

- Latino's in the US legally are pissed-off at the Dem's for being snubbed.

- Black's have shifted support away from the Dem's as well. Not just the famed Jim Brown, but roughly one-third of them as far as the pollsters can discern.


Let me see if I have this straight:

- By alienating White voters, Black voters, and Latino voters the Donk's figure this is the way to "win" in 2018.



- We haven't even talked about the #WalkAway movement of normal Democrats who have decided that they don't want any part of the the radical Communism permeating the Dem's, so they are with their feet. 

- And we haven't talked about the straight, binary, heterosexual population (roughly 99% of Americans) that is growing tired of the Dem's biting-the-pillow to support the LGBTQ community (roughly 1% of the population).


Sounds like a real "winner" of a plan to me...but I still believe in elections.

- Democrats don't, and they don't care about them either...only about cheating enough to 'rig' the outcome.


Think they can get enough illegal votes to overwhelm the legal votes they have such disdain for?

- I for one do not. I think their "blue wave" is going to be an "amber wave" as sane Americans reject their insane policies yet again and piss all over the Dem's like a Russian Dossier!

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Anonymous said...

It is not who votes that matters. It is who counts the votes, demonstrated over and over by the demoncrips.