Sunday, 26 August 2018

We've seen nothing yet, but we will.........from Rico

The "establishment" [read: Uniparty - Bernie-Clinton-Obama-RINO branches; MSM] clearly has not yet figured-out Trump.

- The 'we're smarter than everyone else' crowd is too dumb to know when they are being played by a master.


Call it Mutt & Jeff, Abbott & Costello, or Good Cop-Bad Cop, I think this entire Trump-Sessions thing is a 'put on' and a 'set up' for the main act.

- After all, now the 'usual suspects' are invested in defending Sessions from Trump, giving Sessions bullet-proof inoculation if you will...when the hammer finally does drop on the Deep State, Swamp, or the Treasonous Commie Criminals [you decide what to call these shit birds].


Trump is neither shy about saying "you're fired" nor doing the actual firing.

- If there really was an issue with Sessions, don't you think he'd be gone by now? Don't you suspect they have worked their 'act' out between them, and are misdirecting their opponents? I think so.


Were this a major criminal conspiracy/racketeering case, all the loose ends would be sewn up and the facts set in concrete before the doors were kicked-in and the surprised perp's were cuffed and frog-marched away to face a slam-dunk conviction.

- I really think that may be what's happening here. It's not time yet, and the perp's alternate between their "oh shit, we're gonna get caught" panic and their smug "we're gonna get away with this" sloppiness but the moment of reckoning will come. It's just not time yet.

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