Monday, 17 September 2018

Borking Kavanaugh..........from Rico

The last-minute 'hail Mary" effort to destroy Kavanaugh's SCOTUS nomination by the Democrats has all the credibility of the Porny Daniels episode, and the same fingerprints of the 'usual suspects' are all over the character assassination weapon.



- The last-minute accusation alleges an event from 35 years ago but was unsaid until just now?

- The accuser is a Democrat anti-Trump, open borders, radical Leftie activist?

- The accuser is a Psych Professor?

- The accuser has a history of being treated for mental illness?

- The accusations were first printed in the Jeff Bezos-owned anti-Trump "Washington (com)Post?"


Oh fuck yeah! Must be true because you say so!

- Color me totally convinced!


Remember where the term "borking" came from?

- Ronald Reagan nominated a Constitutional 'originalist' and textbook judge by any standards to SCOTUS. His name was Robert Bork.

- The Dem's systematically smeared and attacked him with all the venom and lies they could muster, aided by the MSM, and murdered his sterling character in the court of public opinion.

- No due process, no trial by peers, no facts, just the fact that the slimy Democrat assholes did not approve of anything possible beneficial for America was enough fo justify the public beheading of a fine jurist's reputation.


Which brings us full-circle to today.

- Unless you have so deeply quaffed the Democrat Kool-aid that you are brain-dead, here we see 'on open display' yet another reason why the Democrats should never be in a position of responsibility (much less hold elected office) ever again.


VOTE in the 2018 elections as if YOUR LIFE depended on it....because it does!

Bork the Democrats Back

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