Monday, 17 September 2018

Next Asshats......from Rico

As yet another FAKE NARRATIVE by the #resist goobers unravels, you have to admit...this is even funnier than their failed Porny Daniels attempt to smite Trump and all things related.

- This time the incredibly daft character assassination drive-by of Trump SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh.


The "accuser" is a Democrat from California, and wore a Pink Pussy Hat (knitted to resemble brains) in an anti-Trump protest march.

- Sweet Jesus these leftards are clueless!!


Yup! Nothing says "brains" like doubling-down on the exact same stupid shit that got Trump elected in the first place!

- How many more are going to VOTE in 2018 now?


Watch that "blue wave" turn into a "red wave" 'ya  dumb shmucks!

- Then it will be time to knit 'new' protest hats, maybe ass-shaped? ASSHATS sounds about right.... 

1 comment:

Harry Hamid said...

Sounds like you're saying if you're going to sexually assault someone, make it someone ugly or easy for your buddies to insult later.

Got it.

Good thinking.