Sunday, 23 September 2018

Caligula's Horse Was a Better Senator..........from Rico

Given that:

- The Democrats (C) have been engaged in a long-running 'soft coup' (which I term a 'white coup'...which has nothing to do with racism, and everything to do with no tanks in the streets), and it is still ongoing with #resist.

- The Democrats (C) have an agenda which is NOT what is best for America or America First.

- The Democrats (C) attempt at hijacking an election they could not ultimately 'rig' to their favor (not for lack of trying) and its results that they disagree with (how dare you 'deplorables' not vote as your betters demand?) has been augmented by an attempt to suborn Congress and hijack the Kavanaugh SCOTUS nomination. In plainspeak, to scuttle it.

- The Kavanaugh accuser's attorneys now say (again) she will testify...without setting a date [read: stall the vote], and pending agreement to ransom Kavanaugh swings first, then the accuser pitches.


Just throw due process, justice, and the American Way up against the wall and fuck it vigorously, Democrats (C).


Try this:

1. Kavanaugh's accuser deserved a hearing. Deserved (past tense).

2. She no longer does.

3. The Senate Judicial Committee needs to grow a pair and call a VOTE with no more bending-over, grabbing their ankles, and spreading their

fitted for their personalized pink pussy hats.

4. Caligula's horse was a better Senator than anyone (from either party) on the Judicial Committee.

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