Sunday, 23 September 2018

OFFS-HWGA* but this time we mean it.............from Rico

Seeing is believing.

- Sen Grassley sets anotherdeadline for Kavanaugh's accuser, but he really means it this time. What is this? Line in the sand #5 or #6, I'm losing count.


The Republicans on the Judiciary Committee are cowering like bitch-whipped pussies before these future prison work-release Democrats, and Grassley is whining about how hard it is to play the trombone wearing that big 'Dirty Sanchez' Feinstein so very publicly just gave him.

- A slimey move that certainly qualifies her to 'make history' by being the 10th Senator in history to be censured.

- Slimey making a swell segue to the Socialist-Power and #resist attorney for the "hole-in-one" accuser.


The Democrats have made the Kavanaugh hearing into a toxic blend of the "Vagina Monologues" and "Lord of the Flies" with a soundtrack by Robert Crumb and his Cheap Suit Serenaders with their shuck-and-jive political sex bombing fueled by raging hormonal imbalances. 

- It will 'backfire' on them like all the previous stunts they have pulled, since the remaining not-insane population (registered Independent, Republican, and Democrat) is sick-and-tired of this shit.


But wait! There's more!!

- To further guarantee they will see no blue wave in a few w eeks(other than Tidy-bowl while they are wretching after the election results), they actually have a Plan B to #resist Trump if their 'Chrissy' gambit goes toes-up...Michael will claim someone [fill in this blank] touched his penis.


*OFFS-HWGA: Oh for fuck's sake, here we go again.

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Unknown said...

I believe you misunderstand what the GOP is doing. It's how adults should always respond to a childish, emotional tantrum. They're being adults and denying letting the child to take control.

They're very patiently giving Ford an opportunity to have her say so that when this is over Democrats have no grounds to complain about lack of due process. The same due process Democrats are trying so hard to not give Judge Kavanaugh and Republicans.

On the outside chance that Kavanaugh does not receive the Senate's "advise and consent", there will be Hell to pay.