Wednesday 28 November 2018

Know Your Enemy - Part 1.................from Rico

Think: Making LIES the TRUTH
The kollective Left, in particular the Media, had a 'melt down' over the death of a violent, radical, Islamist who was:
- Never a 'journalist' but the Muslim Brotherhood's version of Geobbels.
- Never a writer for the WaPo but a 'contributor' whenever Muslim Brotherhood propaganda needed dissemination.
- Never a US person, nor even a Green Card holder but merely a Saudi citizen with a visa.
That the LEFT is so distraught over his death, not matter how it occurred, by whomever was involved, in a foreign embassy in a foreign country speaks volumes.
- This shitstain was NO GREAT LOSS to anyone except the enemies of Western civilization and/or America. AMF!
In contrast to this, consider the kollective SILENCE from the LEFT over the situation of a Pakistani Christian Woman who is being hunted from house-to-house by Muslim lynch mobs who fully intend to kill her for the crime of 'blasphemy' against te Religion of Peace.
- Can you hear the Media crickets? This speaks volumes, too.
None of the Media teleprompter readers, parrots, and Lefty stooges are worth listening to on any topic, and they aren't worth a Tinker's Damn...kollectively OR individually.

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