Wednesday 28 November 2018

When Gov't Makes Choices For You..................from Rico

Many people may not yet have 'heard' that Ford announced at its last stock holders meeting that it was getting completely out of the passenger car business in North America soon.
- They will be followed by GM, which has said quietly that it, too, will no longer make passenger cars for North America before too long.
- The conventional wisdom is that (a) there is more profit in larger vehicles like SUV's and Trucks than there is in passenger cars, and (b) fortuitously the American consumer suddenly prefers SUV's and Trucks over passenger cars. This is partly true, like all good lies.
- What really happened is that consumers do not want to buy the passenger cars that automakers are allowed by government to manufacture, and they are voting with their wallets and buying bigger vehicles with bigger engines...SUV's and Trucks.
It's ALL about CHOICE.
- Unelected gooberment bureauRATs have decided for automakers what kind of passenger car they are allowed to make, and by extension these do-gooder pencil -neck eco-geeks have decided what kind of passenger cars consumers are allowed to buy.
- The logical result is that automakers have now chosen to no longer make under-powered dinky-sized passenger cars because they cannot sell them, and consumers have chosen not to buy under-powered dinky-sized passenger cars because, well....they suck. 
Once the "save the planet" ecotards have made passenger cars unavailable by virtue of their being grossly undesirable (if not outlawing internal combustion engines entirely; their ultimate goal and wet dream btw) consumers will still have a "CHOICE" however.
- It's called (a) ride mass transit systems while looking out the window at the big sedans and limousines still allowed for the ruling class and their apparatchiks, or (b) beating shoe leather along the sidewalk.

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Drew458 said...

Not to mention that none of the Big Three could EVER build a car to the quality point that the Germans and Japanese and now even the Koreans can, then ship them halfway around the world, and sell them here for less than the US cars cost, while turning a better profit margin.

I needed a new small car 2 years ago. I tried so hard to buy American, but it was all crap. I wound up getting a Mazda 3 GT 6MT, and it's the nicest car I've ever had. Better build, better finish, better fit than any US car that cost even $15K more, and it has every comfort gizmo and modern safety feature out there, plus LED headlights and a heads up display. People still stop me in the parking lots to tell me how much they love the design and the paint job.